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Press release L J Hooker Settlements WA - March 2015

Forecast Deregulation encourages change in fee structure.

One of Western Australia's largest conveyancing companies is pioneering changes to new fee structures to simplify the way settlement fees are charged, by removing the relevance of its fee structure to the sale price of the property.

Managing Director Janet Hryb from L J Hooker Settlements says that 'we believe that the existing state government fee schedule, known as the ' Schedule of Fees for Settlement Agents' here in WA will soon be deregulated, so we have lead the change to adjust our fees to what we believe is a more fairer structure for buyers and sellers.'

'Removing the fee as related to the sale or purchase price of the property and developing more of a 'Fee for Service' structure will bring big savings to consumers' said Mrs Hryb.

The company launched its new fee structure on the company website calculator on 1st February 2015 and has been overwhelmed with the response and acceptance by the public.

In essence transactions that are straight forward and simple will attract a lower fee, as the transaction becomes more detailed , IE: a strata property , or a mortgage to discharge or apply , then the appropriate fee is applied to a base fee.

Similar fee structures have been used by some law firms previously , but Mrs Hryb warns the clients should be advised to ask to look at the companies fee product disclosure ( or price list ) to ensure that a client as no added surprises over and above what has been quoted.

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