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Services for Buyers & Sellers

Anyone who’s buying or selling a home, investment property or vacant land can use LJ Hooker Settlements. Simply nominate LJ Hooker Settlements on your Offer and Acceptance Contract and leave the rest to us.

In addition to transferring your property as a buyer or seller, LJ Hooker Settlements offer other services such as:

* Application to amend name and addresses on title
* Survivorship/Transmission Applications
* Related Party Transfer
* Application for subdivisions
* Disposition application for strata titles
* Prepare and Register power of attorney

First home buyers
We believe that it is very important in your first transaction that you have a settlement agent who will "hold your hand” to ensure that you understand the whole process. More

Settlements explained
When you are a buying or selling a property, it is necessary for all paperwork to be completed and all promises fulfilled in the contract for the sale of a property. More

Settlement Fees & Stamp Duty calculator
Within a few short minutes you can submit a settlement quote online. More

Settlement Tracker
At LJ Hooker Settlements we pride ourselves at being at the forefront of technology. That's why we developed an advanced and exclusive web based system. More

Private sellers
Whilst we strongly recommend you appoint a professional real estate agent to sell your home, there are some cases where you just need the basic forms and information to sell your home. More
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